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Your Child Is in Great Hands


HCCDC (The Child Development Center) opened on Valentine's Day 2005. The center provides the only year-round, state-licensed, five day per week, ten hours per day child care program in the Highlands Township.

HCCDC is designated as a Four-Star Center by the State of NC based on the quality of its programs and the educational credentials of the staff.

Our mission emphasizes our commitment to the working families that provide the services and labor which, in turn, provide the quality of life known far and wide to Highlands residents and visitors alike. More than 75 local businesses have had children, or children of employees, enrolled in HCCDC and its predecessor. Graduates of the Child Development Center program have gone on to successful experiences in the Highlands School and careers in the community and elsewhere.

Our predecessor, The First Presbyterian Church Day Care Center, provided quality preschool child care from 1979 - February 2005. In 2002, members of the church decided the Child Development Center would become their most important gift to the families of the Highlands, NC community. That commitment continues today with the Child Development Center operating independently from the church as a board-directed, nonprofit corporation in the State of North Carolina.

Our community-based board of directors of HCCDC, Inc., are making the vision a reality. The successful and long-standing heritage of providing full-time, quality child care and preschool development services to the families who live and work in the greater Highlands community forms the foundation which ensures the future of HCCDC's early childhood education programs and child development operations in Highlands.

Health & Safety

Highlands Community Child Development Center

provides the community with:


A Four-Star Center rated by the State of NC 

(based on quality of programs and educational credentials of staff)

Licensure for 75 children 

Ages 8 weeks to 5 years

A director with over 27 years of experience

Age appropriate curriculum and classroom programs

An onsite library 

and open playground with artificial turf

Security and safety features

including a Key Code Entry System

Special learning programs in arts, music, and technology

Kindergarten entry preparedness